Your advantages

The transport of your products via sea freight comes with several advantages. Deep sea transport of your goods has various advantages. It is not only safe, but also affordable and surprisingly fast and effective. We list the advantages for you.

1. Reliable delivery of your products

Your goods will be shipped to the right destination at all times thanks to our extensive and reliable transport network in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Virtually any destination on the world map is accessible in cooperation with our worldwide partner network.

2. Door-to-door delivery service

Our responsibility does not end at the port. In case requested we take the entire transport process off your hands and attend to your products from door to door. Agents and forwarders worldwide are active for us to provide local transport handling according to your and our standards. We thus ensure the best possible attendance to your goods through the entire logistic chain.

3. New markets in your reach

We do not only take care of a timely delivery of your products, but can also support you entering new markets such as Africa and the Middle East. We have hugely invested in these growth markets over the last few years and are glad to use our knowledge and experience to support you in setting up the right logistic strategy.

4. Guaranteed product quality

Your products are transported with care. We only make use of high-quality equipment and apply high quality standards to guarantee the quality and safety of your goods during transport. Our wide experience in the transport of various bulk products for the food and chemical industries is very useful in this.

5. Optimization of your payload

We gladly support you in finding new ways to serve your relations and save costs. An important element is the continuous optimization of your payload. By shipping your goods in ISO tanks (max. 26,000 litres) or flexitanks (max. 24,000 litres), you can ship the maximum volume of product and save on transport costs considerably.

6. A sustainable solution

Transporting your goods in a ISO-tanks or flexitanks is not only efficient but also sustainable. The container will be loaded in full giving you the chance to transport as much product in one time as possible. The transport of your goods via tank containers furthermore offers financial advantages looking at handling, heating and a saving on packaging costs. Moreover, a flexitank is 100% recyclable which results in a sustainable logistic solution.

7. State-of-the-art systems

We make use of state-of-the-art systems. In doing so we support you optimally in planning and coordinating the transport of your goods. On top of this we offer several complementary services such as detailed business analyses, decision support software, forecasting and FreightMatch.