From bottling locally to bulk export

Europe is the world’s largest wine producer. But the market share of ‘new wine countries’ such as Australia, Argentina, Chile and South Africa is growing steadily. Van den Bosch has years of experience in transporting wine in Europe and is also shipping wines from South Africa to Europe more and more often.

‘Old wine countries’

France is the most commonly known wine country in the world. The country has produced many wines which serve as an example all over the world, such as the bordeaux, the bourgogne and champagne. France, together with Spain, Italy and Germany, are the ‘old wine countries’. These four wine countries together still produce more than fifty per cent of all wines worldwide. Van den Bosch Transporten has transported large quantities of wine from e.g. Spain to the North of Europe for years.

Rise of ‘new wine countries’

Also the wine production in ‘new wine countries’ is growing steadily. Countries such as Australia, Argentina, Chile and South Africa are producing increasing quantities of wine. A considerable part of this wine is bottled locally and exported in bottles. However, more and more often wine is exported as bulk freight to filling sites all over the world and then bottled as ‘private label’ close to the markets.

Switch over to bulk transport

The transport of these bulk wines is done with flexitanks and tank containers. South Africa is producing well over ten million litres of wine by now and through good local contacts in South Africa, Van den Bosch is able to offer flexitanks and tank containers to both local wine producers (wineries) and international bottlers in Europe.

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