Support for UNICEF

In action against undernourishment

UNICEF works globally for the rights of every child. Since 2011 Van den Bosch supports the United Nations Children’s Fund in its activities. The coming two years the cooperation is focused on the fight against undernourishment in Mozambique.

Connected to the food market

A very important part of our organisation is involved in the transport of bulk products that are processed as raw materials in our daily food. Because of the role of our organisation in that logistic food chain, we have purposefully chosen to clearly connect to the food market for our sponsoring policy. World hunger therefore is something that deeply touches our organisation.

Of course we cannot solve this problem, but we can be socially responsible by seriously contributing.

Support for Mozambique

The next two years the cooperation will focus especially on improving the health situation of children in Mozambique where malnutrition is the main underlying cause of infant mortality. Together with the government UNICEF develops and unfolds national policy in the area of health care for women and children. On top of this UNICEF is improving the access to qualitative health care for vulnerable children and their families.

Read more on our company website or on the website of UNICEF.