Doing business in Africa – experiences from the work field

Which developments are typical for the African market? What are the opportunities for Western companies? What should a company take into account when operating in this market? Van den Bosch asked a few of its stakeholders to share their experiences with you.

Doing Business in Africa: a short introduction

Fifteen years ago, The Economist put Africa on its cover as ‘The Hopeless Continent’. Today, Africa is the market of the future. It houses several of the fastest growing economies on the planet, and many stable and democratically chosen governments are quickly implementing rules and regulations that spur on significant and sustainable economic growth. Africa bursts and bubbles with economic opportunity, and it is hungry for increased knowledge and development.

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Nile Dutch: the Africa connection

NileDutch, with the head office in Rotterdam (Netherlands), now belongs to the top container shipping companies worldwide. We started as a Dutch shipping company with services in Africa over thirty years ago. Our focus still is on Africa and in the meantime we have come to connect all parts of the world with this fascinating continent.

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